Bare Copper Fuel & Oil Lines

NAMZ bare copper braided hoses are made using the very best Thermoid brand hose and are braided with 100% American Made polished bare copper. Our hose is rated for 50 PSI working pressure with (2) reinforced spirals. Available on 25' spools or by the foot in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" ID sizes.

  • Our NCH-2501 bare copper braided hose is 1/4" ID and intended for use as a fuel line crossover.

  • The NCH-2502 bare copper braided hose is 5/16" ID and is intended to be used from the petcock to the carburetor.

  • Our NCH-2503 bare copper braided hose is 3/8" ID and intended to be used as oil lines.
Part Number Retail Price
NCH-2501 (1/4" ID Hose) $101.63
NCH-2502 (5/16" ID Hose) $103.76
NCH-2503 (3/8" ID Hose) $105.90

Purchase today: 877-277-NAMZ (6269)

*Note, copper will tarnish over time.

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